Fishing Calendar

All trips can be catered to your every need. Length of trip, target species, you name it and we will design the perfect trip for you based on current fishing and weather conditions.

Fall and Winter Fishing in Key West, FL

Join Lucky B in Key West as we chase the endless summer out east after the peak season in San Diego. Our winter targets out of Key West will feature Wahoo, Sailfish, Swordfish, and a variety of Grouper and Snappers. Come Spring time, we look forward to the annual Tarpon migration that flows through the Florida Keys. The opportunities are endless when fishing with Lucky B. (NOVEMBER – MAY)

Inshore Backcountry and Bridges

Offshore Reefs and Wreck Fishing

Big Bluefin Tuna and Swordfish – Local Trophies – San Diego

This recent cycle has caused in influx of Bluefin Tuna into Southern California Waters. Fish ranging from 30-300lbs have been readily available during the high season (May-November). A local trophy hunt consists of flying the kite hoping for an explosive aerial bite from a big bluefin tuna, Be prepared for a long day on the water as the crew works very hard to make it happen day in and day out.

Local Swordfishing continues to evolve year after year here locally. If you want to take a shot at the elusive local Swordfish, your day will be spent soaking two or three deep drop baits on the local banks. Theres no guarantees but getting one on the line is a thrill like no other. The Lucky B is equipped with all hooker electric reels and custom dedicated swordfish rods along with professional rigging and local baits.

January – March San Diego

The beginning of the year is marked with colder water and the occasional cold front. But just because it is winter, that does not mean there is not good fishing to be had. This time of the year is spent primarily fishing the bottom where we target Vermillion Rockfish and Lingcod. On longer trips, we will fish for gamefish, such as Yellowtail, White Sea Bass, or Halibut to add some variety to the bag. San Diego Bay can also provide excellent light tackle action for  all around good times for everyone. A typical bay catch includes Spotted Bay Bass, Barred Sand Bass, Sculpin and Halibut.

April – June San Diego

As the days get longer, the water begins to warm. Surface action begins to improve and we see opportunity for mixed bag fishing. Our days are often spent primarily Yo-Yo’ing or surface iron fishing for roving schools of Yellowtail below the border at the Coronado Islands. Halibut, Calico Bass, Barracuda, Vermillion Rockfish and Lingcod are also staples this time of year and to add some color to the hold. Early waves of Bluefin Tuna sometimes make an appearance outside of the islands during this time frame as well.

July – September San Diego

This time of the year marks the high season here in San Diego. Warm air temperatures are coupled with increasing water temperature which makes for lots of options on the water. The inshore fishing is very good and provides lots of opportunities on coastal Yellowtail, Halibut, White Sea Bass, Calico and Sand Bass. This is the time when we usually see our migratory pelagic species moving into our offshore banks. A full day fishing the offshore banks provides opportunities at Yellowtail, Dorado, Bluefin Tuna, and Yellowfin Tuna.

September – November San Diego

Quite often the nicest time of the year in San Diego. Mild temperatures and light offshore breezes make for beautiful days on the water. Late season offshore scores of Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna and Dorado frequent as well good fall fishing along the coast for Yellowtail.

San Clemente Island Bass Special: Year Round

Experience San Clemente Island Bass fishing like never before. This is a lures only program including leadhead swimbaits, weedless swimbaits, jerk baits, and surface irons. Most trips include circumnavigation of the entire island looking for the best conditions conducive to Calico Bass fishing. Catch it on the right day and it is some of the most world class topwater bass fishing available. No other boat or program will be able to provide you the luxuries of speed, comfort and fishability as the Lucky B during this run out to the Island.

Let’s go.